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You can read this ONLINE book while you are logged into your account on this website, NOT downloadable!


Upon purchase, you will get a downloadable document with 116 questions. 


Insight to Equus, Holistic Veterinary Perspectives on Health and Healing is a uniquely and professionally designed ONLINE book that explores our adventures with equine animals, our ties to the Earth and how all our natural characteristics are important to consider. With 270 packed pages and over 350 color pictures, it will take you on a reading adventure, exploring ourselves and our environments, housing and habitat development, nutrition and herbs, herd structure and behavior, hoof and dental care, parasite control, vaccination and finding support. Several real and entertaining stories help paint the big picture of how holistic equine health looks and feels.


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Online Insight to Equus + 116 questions

  • Please create an account before or after purchase. You will have to be logged in to access it. We will grant you access to the online book within 3 days from the time of the purchase. It is NOT downloadable! 

  • You will be download ONLY the 116 questions for studying. The book will be available online. 

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