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Try as We May, Thinking Like a Horse Eludes Us

Perceptions create our "reality" moment to moment. We use our physical senses and intuition constantly to know stuff. Then we add each of these perceptions to our memory for future reference.

Our bodies and brains are specially wired to improve our chances at being a successful human, so much so that to "think outside" of that wiring is, in the largest sense, an impossibility.

Could there still be value in attempting to feel what it's like to be a tree, or rock, or other animal? What does that attempt look like?

Many human cultures through the ages have resorted to starvation, meditation, drugs, pain, ecstacy (or all of these simultaneously) to come closer to a "spirit sense" of feeling or experiencing something other than routine human-ness.

Hallucinations, consultation with spirit guides, visions of ancestors, foretelling the future or mystical experiences are all very possible, but claims of becoming a member of the herd or seeing the world through the horse's eyes are at best a hopeful notion.

Even with our human wiring and all our claims of high intelligence, I have still often observed myself spending time and effort trying to "figure out" what horses were thinking and "wondering why" they behaved the way they do. I so wished I could read their minds. So I began to practice showing up in as pure of "no-intention-naked-minded perspective" as possible.

From page 11 in my book, Insight to Equus:


"Go out to your animals, relax, shut-up, breathe, admit you know nothing about them and then leave without a word."


With such advice, I strive to help you get as far outside your "self" as possible. This evolves with practice and you actually end up feeling more and more a part of everything, not separate. The important difference is feeling more collectively instead of like an individual human.

This perspective makes my book pretty different and remarkably fresh when striving to educate yourself about the horses themselves instead of what many equine professionals keep saying. I think you can appreciate how this would help you turn things in a healthy direction, even if you're surrounded by conventional thinking and peer pressure. Plus, I can help you without psychedelics or a starvation diet!

I hope you will consider ordering a copy to feel for yourself! Thank you!

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