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Releasing Insight to Equus and Letting it Go

Educating new clients, new or old horse owners, budding natural hoof care trimmers and equine dentists has been, and continues to be, a rewarding endeavor. The minutes get drawn out to hours and weekends and turn in to long email threads discussing pictures, progress, endless variables, weather conditions, the price of veterinary care and our mutual admiration of the animals.

Every time I do a clinic or consult on a case, there's things that get hammered on, and things that never make it to the discussion, and I've been aware of my desire to provide something for my "students" to hold in their hands--something they could keep and study at their own pace, and something that would remind them of our visits.

At this point, there's no way to keep up with the demand for consultations and the emails coming in looking for hope or advice or a different perspective. On many levels , I have HAD to write Insight to Equus as my best attempt to help those who sincerely want to provide their animals the best care, even when they haven't had that care for most of their lives.

So this is it. Twenty-five years of experiences as a working veterinarian, fifteen years of research, thousands of hours of compiling, writing, rewriting and formatting to bring you my best effort, this time making sure I haven't "forgotten to tell you about" or "left out the part concerning..."

If you have emailed me and still haven't heard back, your attempts have still made a difference. I will eventually return all the emails and messages--I always have. And what if you could hold in your hands some or all of the answers to your questions right NOW?

The ideas and examples and techniques I show in this book are worth $thousands$.  Then again, how can you put a price on your own life, or your animals' lives?

The vast majority of horses and their owners and even most animal health professionals are being told what is "best" for the animals--advice and instructions that in many cases, hasn't changed in a thousand years. They have no idea what they don't know, and what they claim to know is killing them slowly. There are hundreds of critical ideas in this book to help you help your animals, and there is also something else I have labored over and laid bare for your consideration.

This book is my best attempt to "see you" out there working hard in your adventures and searching for answers. I can't help a single horse without first helping you and me. This book is for the most courageous members of our species--you know who you are.

Dr. Tomas Teskey

May 7, 2019

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