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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Thank you to all 1000 people who have ordered my book! I am currently working towards another printing, with more pictures, added research and extra ideas for you and your horses.

You can get $10.00 OFF each book if you place your order before October 15, 2021, and I will personally sign and send it to you by January 1, 2022.


Reviews of Insight to Equus:

“After a lifetime owning horses, this has been the most enlightening information on teeth, their function/dysfunction I have ever come across. I will be taking a very close look at my horses' teeth, and will be having a most earnest discussion with my equine dentist/vet in the new year!”

—from Lydia


“I love hardcover books! Especially books like yours, a reference book that will be a permanent part of my library. I want them to last a long time for future generations to enjoy.”

—from Cindy


“Received my copy today. Started paging through it and got more and more excited! Thank you for writing this very refreshing book.”

—from Jodi


“I’m grateful to have been given such a wondrous seed to sow and delighted at how you planted it in your heart.

Your book is very well organized. I appreciate the interwoven, straightforward, fact based information you offer. Insight to Equus is full of informative and often entertaining reading material - and great photos, too!”

—from Martha Olivo


”Dr Teskey has chosen to expand his intellect far beyond the normal practices of Veterinary Medicine. His functions of discrimination and insight will arouse your own curiosity. You may find yourself evolving into a greater awareness of joy with your animal partners. This book is beautifully written and should be part of every horse owners tool kit. I am happy to call Tomas my friend and colleague in our mutual quest for the betterment of horse keeping.”

—from Carole at Cavallo Hoof Boots


“Interestingly enough, it was a friend in the Netherlands who sent me the information on a clinic to be given by Dr. Teskey in Kentucky, encouraging me to check it out.

I sat in the lecture room observing his quiet ways as all around me, horse trimmers and “horse owners” / horse humans were chatting away.

I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into, until Dr. Teskey’s opening remarks. From that moment, I knew I was no longer alone in my quest for the information that synchronized with everything my “gut” and experience had told me about horses and their emotional and physical health.

Fast forward to the wealth of wisdom, research and information disseminated at this clinic by Dr. Teskey, as well as his two visits to my farm working on my horses, many profound conversations about life, horses and the world, as well as the good doctor giving another clinic at the farm!

I was overjoyed to learn that Dr. Teskey was actually putting this all into a book!

And, oh what a book!

All the scientific and experiential evidence and knowledge is right there to refer to at any time. It is clear, concise and logical. Not only is this book incredibly informative, but massively helpful when we “lay people” need to speak to our farriers, trimmers, dentists and vets in a coherent and fact-based manner, which, at the very least, will open up conversation and, hopefully, minds to other ways of approaching the health of the horse.

In addition, Dr. Teskey reiterates, in detail, with knowledge and experience, exactly how we can better the lives of our horses, many times in ways that we hadn’t considered. Some things we might have even been already doing, but could do even better with more benefit to the horse.

Then there’s the actual physical beauty of the book itself!

Best of all, he demonstrates how “less is more” and encourages the reader to relinquish “micro-managing” the horse’s health and allow the horse’s natural state of health to have a chance to operate.

Probably most inspiring and moving, is the way Dr. Teskey shares his own journey as a vet and as a human. He describes his journey honestly, exposing his inner self with tremendous courage.

Beautifully summing up the underlying theme of every part of this marvelous book is this quote from his writing:

“Awareness is the gift of what IS, clear and precious, nonjudgmental and flowing, and it comes with the feeling of intimate connection with human and animal community. It’s impossible to feel alone or depressed or unworthy when your connectedness to all things is swirling within your core, essentially feeling loved beyond your wildest imagination.”

THANK YOU Dr. Teskey for your passionate devotion to all things horse and to helping us humans to be the best horse humans we can possibly be if we take the time to open our minds and drink in this information.”

—from Christine at What If Farms


An interview on YouTube with Scoot Boots:


An adventure with Alicia Harlov and “The Humble Hoof Podcast”:

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