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Left turn, Forrest...LEFT !!

Thank you to MaryAnn, who operates Merry-Go-Round Carriage Rides in old-town Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

This is Forrest, an 8 year old Morgan gelding. He is a professional driving horse in Arizona, America, where right hand turns are easier ... and safer!

His right front foot is stronger and has better form, indicating his preference to "stay to the right." Sometimes he really needs to turn left, and he does it pretty well, with some reassurance. Keeping his left front heel trimmed correctly is important.

Let's check his teeth for balance as well:

Note his jaw position and the lower right corner incisor hanging out in space a little bit (yellow arrow)--it has also erupted a bit extra due to him holding his jaw to the right (a horse's tooth will overerupt when it isn't balanced and lined up directly opposite another tooth.) Note his center gum lines do not meet top to bottom.

Note on this right lateral view how the lower corner incisor is creeping up around the upper one (yellow arrow.) This is a mechanical "block" to moving his jaw to the left.

This left lateral view shows the upper corner incisor tending to overpower the lower one (same mechanical block on the diagonal corner of the incisor arcade.)

Let's help him out with careful adjustment (filing) of the upper left and lower right incisors...

Note where I filed his lower right corner incisor that was over erupted. Better jaw alignment is now mechanically possible. This takes 5-10 minutes with hand tools.

Offensive length more interference moving jaw to the left.

Upper corner incisor adjusted for same reason.

Now Forrest can take those left turns more comfortably! Since he isn't likely moving to England or down under, his job taking right hand turns won't change.

If you don't catch these things early, they get much worse--and disabling! These incisors pictured below took 2 1/2 years to correct.

As you can see, it's not difficult to recognize or correct these misalignments. I discover them in 75% of horses I look at! They are for the most part a product of domestication.

We do better as their humans when we appreciate these things.

Horses love that we are learning more about this! Do YOU want to learn more?

I wrote a whole book for you holistic horsecare addicts! 😅😍

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