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Eyes on Incisors

I balanced this mare’s teeth one year ago. She has maintained a nearly straight bite—a great improvement from the last visit...although...

...on this side view, note she still has a small “overjet“, which has allowed a small rim to form at the most forward aspect of her upper incisors. Even this small rim inhibits freedom of movement of the jaw in a forward motion and promotes a worsening retraction (rearward positioning) of the jaw.

This is after 1-2 mm adjustments...mostly reducing the overgrown rim.

Extension of the poll and protraction of jaw with physiotherapy, massage, pressure point release of tension and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) adjustments.

Resulting position of jaw after dental work (chewing teeth had deformities to deal with also).

Achieving this 3mm of jaw protrusion improves a horse’s life in many ways...eating, freedom of movement, balance, animation and posture.

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