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About Insight to Equus book

Insight to Equus, Holistic Veterinary Perspectives on Health and Healing is a uniquely and professionally designed book that explores our adventures with equine animals, our ties to the Earth and how all our natural characteristics are important to consider. With 270 packed pages and over 350 color pictures, it will take you on a reading adventure, exploring ourselves and our environments, housing and habitat development, nutrition and herbs, herd structure and behavior, hoof and dental care, parasite control, vaccination and finding support. Several real and entertaining stories help paint the big picture of how holistic equine health looks and feels.

There are hundreds of ideas for improving your life with these animals, including:

–> 82 pages of hoof care discussions and philosophy, including close-up pictures of maintenance and specialized hoof trimming techniques for founder, heel issues, contraction and multiple other challenges.

–> 64 pages of dental care discussions, also with close-up pictures of teeth work, in-depth descriptions of philosophy and techniques, case studies and never before published data on 1015 horses, exploring the amazing connections between hoof, teeth and body balance.

This is a holistic reference you can keep close at hand to study, ponder over and remind yourself of critical information. You can show your friends, veterinarian, dentist, trainer, family and kids what incredible equine health considerations look and feel like. I know it will be a valuable addition to your library, and a book you can read multiple times without ever getting bored.

Saving money where we can with animal care is a wise practice, as you never know when extra expenses might come up. More than just saving money, we want to save ourselves and our animals from costly physical pain and emotional suffering. How much do we spend on special diets or other stuff, hoping they will be of good value? We can all remember trying things or learning about stuff that didn’t work as advertised, fell short of being valuable, or even turned out to be harmful. It’s a great feeling when we find things and new ideas that really improve our lives. I think if you spend a little money now on some valuable ideas, it will save you a lot of misunderstanding, confusion and heartache later. It’s a small investment that will easily pay you back monetarily, but the biggest returns are priceless.

What if you could hold in your hands and study at your own pace the keys to improving and enjoying a better quality of life? This is within your reach, and you deserve it. Making money was not what stimulated me to write it. The best part is it WILL help you and your animals be healthier if you try out any of the tons of ideas it presents, and it will also absolutely save you money and provide some entertainment at times, while challenging you to think critically. Far beyond that, it speaks to a set of principles that may improve everything that matters to you.

cover of Insight to Equus


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